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Joseph “T.J.” Aldor
504 341-2525
(Call 911 for Emergencies)

918 Sixth Street Westwego, LA 70094
Fax: (504) 347-9083

The City of Westwego provides emergency medical services for citizens and has two fully equipped EMS units. These units can be anywhere within the city in a couple of minutes to provide advanced life support and transportation to area hospitals. While the service is small, it is capable of handling almost any medical emergency. This includes from a simple laceration to a cardiac arrest. We average 110-150 calls for service each month, and provide a high degree of care for its citizens. We currently have six fulltime paramedics and twenty part-time paramedics providing coverage to Westwego.

History of EMS in Westwego
In 1988 the Westwego Volunteer Fire Department could no longer provide emergency medical services for the city. The city fathers created the EMS department that year. With the help and direction from the mayor, the Board of Alderman and the Volunteer Fire Department a fulltime, paid emergency medical service was created. The director had been a long time volunteer EMS provider with the Fire Department. He and seven other basic Emergency Medical Technicians began providing basic life support services to the community. Eventually with upgrades in equipment and education the department was able to provide advanced life support to the city.