Mayor John I. Shaddinger, Jr. 

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John I. Shaddinger was first elected, as the Mayor of the City of Westwego, November 2008 in a special election. He replaced former Mayor Robert Billiot, who was beginning his term as the newly elected State Representative in late 2007. Mayor Shaddinger was re-elected and was sworn in, as the Mayor of the City of Westwego, for his first full term Friday, June 26, 2009. In May 2013 he was re-elected to serve his second full term as Mayor of the City of Westwego. Mayor Shaddinger, or Johnny as his friends call him, has been involved in the Westwego community for many years. He has been active in many organizations within the city and has rallied as a concerned citizen. It was his concern for and involvement in the City of Westwego that had family and friends support his campaign for Council Member of District 1. With pride, he was sworn in to office July 2005. One month later, August 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit and devastated the areas surrounding the City of Westwego. His relentless efforts during this time earned him the respect and trust of the people in his district and throughout the city. Mayor Shaddinger is a graduate of John F. Kennedy High School and Delgado Community College, where he received his Associate Degree in Management. He continued his education by attending classes at both Loyola University and the University of New Orleans. Mayor Shaddinger serves the City of Westwego with encouragement and love from his family. He is married to Judith and they have two sons, John (deceased) and Josh who is married to their daughter-in-law Davy.

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Mayor's Minutes


Welcome to the City of Westwego website. There are many changes and updates to the site. First, many of your city leaders have the opportunity to post messages letting you know what is going on in his/her part of the City of Westwego. You now have the ability to pay your water bill and property taxes online. In addition to the new website, the City of Westwego is moving forward with many of its projects in various stages. Among the projects, are a New City Hall, a New Fire Station/EMS Facility, Drainage Improvements, a New Water Storage Tank, a New Transfer Pump, Performing Arts Theater Rehabilitation, Water Plant Improvements, a New Emergency Operation Center, and the Westwego Art Center Repairs. All of these projects have been started and/or will be starting in the near future. We are also looking forward to being able to move forward with the Martin House/Visitors Center/Musician's Hall of Fame, the Wharf Project, and the improvements to the Parks.