Council District 4

Garrison Toups

Garrison "Gary" Toups has served multiple terms as the councilmember representing Westwego Council District 2. He was first honored to be elected from 1996 until 2005. He was elected again in 2013 and for that year served as Mayor Pro Tem. He was proud to serve two years as Mayor Pro Tem in his previous terms.

Councilman Toups a lifelong resident of Westwego. As an active volunteer firefighter for over 27 years, he knows a great deal about protecting and serving the community. He has also been a boxing coach for over 15 years. He brings this sense of dedication, hard work and service to the community to his district. He serves with an open door policy, encouraging residents to contact him.

Councilman Toups is a Boat Captain and Tour Boat Guide by profession. He was married to the late Pamela Chaisson Toups and he is the proud father of Gary, Jr., Mandy and Chance. Councilman Toups’ goal is to continuously bring new business and productivity to the City of Westwego so that his family and others will call it home for years and years to come.

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